People’s Choice Award

People’s Choice Award


Each vote is $5, if you would like to vote for more then 1 dog, add first dog name and how many times you want to vote for them, to the cart and then the page will refresh and ask you to place a new order.

The Bulldog I feel best represents the BCA Standard is:

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  • Vote for the Bulldog you feel best represents the Standard.
  • Entry must be present in the Intersex Ring – includes Veterans.
  • Each catalog sold will include will include 1 ballot.
  • Additional ballots will be available at the National from Shawn Ashbaugh or here online for $5 each.
  • All online ballots must be received by 11:59pm on Thursday the 24th.
  • A lock box for votes will be available at the Ring 1 stewards table until noon on Friday the 25th.

Total number of ballots received, number of ballots purchased, top 3 Bulldogs and their number of votes received will be announced at the 2016 national awards banquet on the evening of the Friday the 25th.

Additional information

Bulldog name

Ch. Black Gold's No Time To Kill, Ch. Brumar's Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes, Ch. Bullseye Bish Bertha Bright Eyes, Ch. Cappelli Bulls-Argentina Rodo, Ch. Capri (Hernandez), Ch. Cherokee Legend John Henry, Ch. Cherokee Legend Wildflower, Ch. Cherokee Legend Winslow, Ch. E. Clive's Oscar Diggs, Ch. Font a Nose Love Ladee of Godds, Ch. Godd's Christmas Font a Nose's Star, Ch. Iroc Tulane Highest Scholar, Ch. JWilson's Wise Guy, Ch. La-Nan-Dor's Flying Machine By Delenclos, Ch. Low Rider Pride & Joy, Ch. Magnus Daytona (Mata), Ch. Rocyn's All Ticked Off, Ch. Rocyn's American Hero of Frontier, Ch. Rogue Is Living The Dream, Ch. Twenty Twenty's Bailey By Gunslinger, GCH. Adamant Rock Monster, GCh. Babbys Encore At Centerstage of Surfcity, GCh. Big Boss (Zarco), GCh. Bomber's Kitty Hawk, GCh. Cherokee Legend Cowboy, GCh. Classay Major League Hgm in God We Trust, GCh. Cymri Wild Rover O'Rourke, GCh. D1'S Modern Day Warrior, GCh. Dayana (Hernandez/Aguilar), GCh. Devines Breathtaking Girl on Fire, GCh. Dowats Decisive Double Down, GCh. E. Clive's Practical Magic @ Lonehawk, GCh. E. Clive's Witchful Thinking, GCh. El Tigre (Mendoza/Garcia), GCh. Iroc Viva Las Vegas RN CGC, GCh. K's Note-A-Bul Whiter Shade Of Pale, GCh. Karma's Starrider, GCh. Kokopelli's D1 Wild Electric Storm, GCh. Lakewinds Finley, SHTP, GCh. Lil' Boy's Talkin Smack, GCh. Newcomb's Last Yard, GCH. Newcomb’s Konnie K, GCh. Pats Notorious a Boy Named Sue, GCh. Pop-A-Top Chimera Deal Me In, GCH. Royal Sun’s Sugar Magnolia, GCh. Shining Star On Dlanor's El Mariachi, GCH. Weslin’s Roadside Romance BN RN CGC, GCh. Wilson's I'm Your Handyman, GCH. Woebegone Canned Heat, GChB. Brumar's Kick N' Up My Heels, GChB. Piltz's Louis Vuitton, GChB. Royal Crown's Strick-Ly Texas Queen, GCHG. Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City, GChP. B-Loved Nothing But Net